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Meet The Team



Andrew Reece

As the President of Third Generation Homes, Andrew embodies a commitment to excellence that reflects his builder lineage. With an unparalleled passion for crafting dream homes and a steadfast commitment to quality, Andrew has solidified his position as a visionary leader and a driving force in the realm of residential construction.

Backed by an unlimited building license, Andrew's skill set is underpinned by a rich legacy spanning three generations, infusing him with an understanding of the industry's intricacies and a deep regard for its time-honored practices.

Serving as a board member for the Winston-Salem Home Builders Association, Andrew plays a pivotal role in shaping industry norms, cultivating innovation, and advocating for sustainable practices that serve both homeowners and the environment.

Andrew's meticulous nature leaves no detail unattended in his pursuit of excellence. Every aspect of home construction is approached with precision, ensuring that each project stands as a testament to functionality, precision, and aesthetic allure. His discerning eye for design, keen awareness of emerging trends, and firm dedication to quality converge to transform mere floor plans into captivating living spaces that consistently exceed expectations.

Amidst his professional achievements, Andrew remains grounded in his core values. Beyond the bustling construction sites and boardrooms, he is a devoted husband and a loving father to three daughters. Their steady support acts as a driving force behind his relentless pursuit of excellence, reminding him of the profound influence that a safe and nurturing home can have on the lives it shelters.



Alex Mitchell

Alex, a construction superintendent at Third Generation Homes, is defined by dedication and passion. His love for crafting and creating fuels his joy in turning dreams into reality through construction.

With a diverse background that includes time as an educator, Alex possesses a unique skill set. His experience imparting knowledge and inspiring young minds cultivated patience and effective communication – vital qualities in his role.

Alex's commitment transcends professional boundaries. Serving in the NC National Guard showcases his unwavering dedication to both community and country. This spirit of service seamlessly integrates into his construction approach, underscoring his commitment to excellence in every project.

In his leisure, Alex finds solace in cherished relationships. From sharing hearty laughs with friends to treasuring moments with his wife, daughter, and loyal canine companions, his trustworthiness shines, making him a reliable friend.

Alex's unrivaled work ethic and determination inspire those around him. Renowned for exceeding expectations, he goes the extra mile to ensure impeccable details and surpassing results. A cornerstone of Third Generation Homes, he's an invaluable asset and a force in the construction industry.

In a world valuing craftsmanship and integrity, Alex stands as an example of a construction superintendent who constructs not only homes but also enduring relationships and a legacy of excellence.


Administrative Director

Katie Reece

Meet Katie, an accomplished Administrative Director at Third Generation Homes. With a knack for precision and organization, she ensures the company's seamless operation. Katie's journey into administrative excellence began with her commitment to efficiency, streamlining processes, and maintaining records. Her contributions have elevated Third Generation Homes.

Katie's impact isn't limited to work; she thrives on uplifting others. Her compassion shines both professionally and personally. Beyond her career, she treasures her family life. Married to Andrew, the visionary behind the company, and a mother of three, Katie values shared experiences.

In her rare leisure moments, Katie explores recipes and enjoys outdoor activities. Her zest for life, coupled with organizational prowess, fuels her career and enriches her life with family and passions.

Katie's role as Administrative Director mirrors her pursuit of excellence, helping, and family devotion. Her story reflects dedication, resilience, and the balance between career triumphs and cherished family moments.

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Real Estate Partner

Emily Dunlap

Having been born and raised in North Carolina, it brings me joy to call it my forever home. My true passion is helping others find their home here, too. As a Realtor, I strive to exceed my client's expectations and redefine what a seamless home buying/selling experience looks like. As a wife, mother, and professional, I know just how important "home" is. It is a place of comfort, a place where memories are made, and a chance to decorate and customize what you see day-to-day. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Carolinas Realty and I are honored to partner with Third Generation Homes and we value the level of professionalism, expertise and beautiful detail they create. 


Real Estate Partner

Austin Baity

Austin was born and raised in Bermuda Run, NC and his broad knowledge of the Triad stems from having spent his entire life in the area. He acknowledges four key principles that are required to be successful; punctuality, preparation, politeness and professionalism. 


Preferred Designer

Rachel Tatum

I'm Rachel- interior designer, taste maker, photo stylist, traveler, sun seeker, wife, and mom.  My design foundation encompasses simplistic, modern beauty with function and a  twist.  My background (and passion) is set design and photostyling for commercial photography.  I love the magic that happens behind the lens to capture that intimate feeling of a space that makes a connection with it's viewers.  This translates to my love for interior design.  Creating a beautiful space that gives you the feeling of truly loving and enjoying your home.  Everyone's home should speak to who they are, and what they love.  And we're here to help you do just that.


Vice President of Construction

Justin Reece

Meet Justin, the head of construction here at Third Generation Homes. With a lifelong connection to the world of construction, Justin's journey began alongside his grandfather, father and uncles, learning the ropes and honing his craft from a young age. This upbringing instilled in him not only a wealth of knowledge and expertise but also a deep respect for the art of construction.

Justin is the driving force behind turning blueprints into breathtaking homes. His hands-on experience, coupled with his innate understanding of the intricacies involved in every facet of construction, make him an invaluable asset to his team.

Justin's commitment to his work is unparalleled. Widely known for his work ethic and dedication, he approaches each project with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Justin's heart belongs to his cherished family. A devoted husband and loving father, he finds his greatest joy in the moments spent with his wife and children. His role as a family man mirrors his approach to construction – with steadfast support, unwavering dedication, and a profound love that forms the foundation of everything he does.

In a world where expertise and integrity are highly valued, Justin stands out as a shining example of a construction vice president who not only builds homes but also nurtures relationships, fosters trust, and creates lasting legacies.


Warranty Specialist/Carpenter

Cristhian Garcia

Cristhian epitomizes a remarkable blend of skills as a warranty specialist and a seasoned carpenter at Third Generation Homes. With an unyielding commitment to excellence and a meticulous eye for detail, he has been an indispensable asset since the company's inception, providing homeowners with unwavering peace of mind.

From the outset of his journey, Cristhian's passion for craftsmanship and dedication to homeowner satisfaction drove him. As a skilled carpenter, he brings a distinctive perspective to his role as a warranty specialist, informed by hands-on experience in various construction projects. This depth of insight has established him as a vital contributor to the team's success.

Cristhian's rapport with clients extends beyond construction sites, reflecting his adeptness in interpersonal communication. His approachability and promptness in addressing concerns have solidified his reputation as a reliable professional. Such qualities have nurtured trust within the home-building industry.

While his professional accomplishments are noteworthy, Cristhian finds ultimate joy in his family's embrace. Balancing his warranty duties and carpentry skills, he also finds solace on the soccer field, channeling his precision and dedication.

Cristhian's evolution from accomplished carpenter to dedicated warranty specialist reflects his enduring commitment and unmatched expertise. With technical prowess, a passion for craftsmanship, and familial devotion, he personifies lasting value for homeowners and communities, playing a pivotal role in the company's triumphs.


Administrative Manager

Rebekah Reece Mitchell

Rebekah is a dynamic administrative manager, bringing her passion for organization and her deep-rooted connection to the world of homebuilding to her role within the company. With a legacy of craftsmanship flowing through her veins, Rebekah's journey in the industry feels like destiny fulfilled.

Growing up in a household where blueprints and tools were as common as laughter and love, Rebekah was raised under the influence of her father, a builder. His dedication to his craft left an indelible mark on her, igniting her interest in the art of construction from an early age. However, Rebekah's path would eventually diverge, leading her to explore the captivating realm of healthcare.

After embarking on a career in healthcare, Rebekah's life took a momentous turn with the arrival of her first child. Eager to find a balance between her professional aspirations and her new role as a parent, she sought out a career that would provide the flexibility she desired. It was during this pivotal juncture that she joined forces with her brother, leveraging her expertise in organization and her passion for learning.

For Rebekah, the joy comes when families move into homes she's helped create – seeing dreams come true.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Rebekah is a devoted mother, cherishing every precious moment with her child. Her journey through the worlds of construction and caregiving have filled her with a unique blend of strength, compassion, and resilience that shines through in every facet of her life.

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Real Estate Partner

Christine Graham

I love what I get to do every day - help others find their new home and reach their real estate goals! I am a dedicated real estate professional serving the greater Winston-Salem, NC community. With a proven track record and a deep passion for helping people, I am committed to guiding individuals towards their real estate goals and assisting them in finding their perfect homes. I understand that buying or selling a home is not just a transaction, but a life-changing decision. I thrive on the satisfaction of helping others navigate the journey of moving into their new homes. Feel free to reach out to me for a consultation or to discuss your real estate needs. Let’s work together to turn your homeownership dreams into a reality! Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Carolinas Realty and I are honored to partner with Third Generation Homes.

Amanda Merrill Headshot.jpg

Real Estate Partner

Amanda Merrill

I grew up in a real estate family and am passionate about serving buyers and sellers by guiding them through their real estate journey. As a Tennessee native, I understand the complexities of relocating and building a new home and how important it is to have a real estate professional who focuses on making your home buying experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. Having been a REALTOR™ with Coldwell Banker Advantage in the Triad for many years, I am proud to partner with Third Generation Homes and their unparalleled commitment to quality and craftsmanship in every home they build. When I’m not working, you will find me spending time at home with my family, planning our next adventure or catching the latest episode of Yellowstone.

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